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Back to work already? Overcome the Holiday Hungover

The holiday break is over and everyone is finally going back to work. As we welcome the new year, there will be a new set of deadlines, goals, projects, etc that needs to be done.

However, going back into the office again can feel a bit disorienting. Most employees will suffer holiday hangovers or post-vacation blues.

With that said,

Are you making sure that your team members are fully engaged and motivated to work this time of the year?

Many will still need more time to re-calibrate to their daily routines. Leaders can start taking the initiative of doing small things to support their employees.

Here are some effective ideas to cheer and promote positive productivity for your team this New year:

1. Set up a time to Catch up with the Team

When the busy holiday season settles down, set up a time for the team to catch up. Incorporate team-building exercises during the catch-up. This will definitely set the right tone for the coming year.

2. Get everyone aligned with your company’s Goals and Vision

Having clear and common goals is especially important as business organisations head unto a new year. Team Leaders must also effectively communicate how each team member can fit into pursuing these goals.

3. Reward your team

Rewarding your team doesn’t have to be in monetary form. Let your team know that you see them, and you see the effort they bring to the business by showing them a genuine expression of your appreciation towards them. A little thank you or well done goes a long way.

4. Delegating Evenly

You have probably heard delegating is important, but have you heard delegating evenly? To avoid overwhelming one or two of your team members, start by distributing the workload evenly across your team and again, communicate this properly to everyone. This promotes a shared sense of responsibility and camaraderie.

5. Practice Consistent Engagement with your Team

Engaging consistently with your team means that you actively listen to their feedback and provide meaningful acknowledgements/critiques that promote growth and development. In the first quarter of the year, set up schedules for check-Ins and do them regularly.

6. Promote Positive Mindset into your Company Culture

Extend the joy and the holiday spirit of Christmas into the new year. Encourage everyone in the team to exercise a positive attitude by simply being kind and genuine to everyone.

We all want to start 2023 on the right foot but this is a gentle reminder to ease into the New Year.

Happy 2023 Everyone!


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